Writing a book on your own is HARD. 

Just Google “Writing A Book” and you get OVER 1.5 BILLION results!


If you’re not careful, you can spend hours and hours researching HOW to write a book.

Depressing isn’t it!

You also have to publish the book and THEN market it.

Double sigh.

Now some good news:  YOU CAN WRITE YOUR BOOK without hours of frustration.

And I want to show you how to do it.

Hi, I’m Jim Woods, and I’m a FULL-TIME writer.

photo1Writing a book COMPLETELY changed my life.

Now I work from coffee shops and spend more time with my family than ever before. Best of all, I can now honestly say I love the work I do!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a proven all-in-one solution for you to write a book and release it into the world?

Introducing Write Publish Share. 

Write Publish Share lays out every step you need to take to have a finished book.

But this is more than just a “book writing course.”

Write Publish Share shows you how to publish AND market your book as well!

Best of all, Write Publish Share fits into YOUR life and YOUR schedule. 

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Want some one-on-one help with writing, publishing or sharing your book? No problem! I offer coaching packages to fit every budget.   

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Write Publish Share is the all-in-one solution to turn your book into reality. 

When you join Write Publish Share you get:

  • 31 Course Lessons Covering Every Stage of Writing A Book Including Brainstorming, Formatting Your Book, Book Covers, Publishing, Making A Physical Book, Marketing Your Book and More!

  • Two exclusive Scrivener videos One to show you how to use Scrivener and the other to show you how to create an ebook.

  • 11 Exclusive Audio Downloads To Let You Dive Deeper Into The Lessons

  • 5 Interviews With Successful Authors including NY Times Best Seller Jon Acuff, Erik Fisher, Kelsey Humphreys, Blake Atwood and Tam Hodge

  • A 120-Page Step-By-Step PDF Ebook with tons of screenshots to show you the details of how to self-publish your book. 

11076039_10152840553907123_2107929303_nJim has a wealth of knowledge that he has shared with me over the years and in Write Publish Share he shares these valuable insights with you. This course has the keys for the book locked in your mind.”  David Mike

11096805_10155434266805106_664610110_n“Instead of a bunch of overwhelming information, Write Publish Share has showed me how attainable my dream is and left me feeling encouraged that I really could write a book!” Holly Hrwnyak

11136828_10153198583844929_799373994_n“Jim’s course picks up where a lot of other websites and books leave off. The very first lesson is pure gold.  I became unstuck and suddenly I had ideas of what to write about. That was just the first lesson! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about writing a book.” Bob Speakman

Don’t delay—this course will only be open for a limited time! 

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