Is Write Publish Share right for me? 

It takes a large amount of trust to take a course from someone online.  I made this page just to tell you a little more about why I’m doing this course and my approach. 

Why I Created This Course

I absolutely love stories and I believe each of us has a story to share. But you’re busy. You’ve got a family, a job, friends, hobbies, housework, and many more obligations. I made this course to help you share your story. And you can’t share your story with the world until you actually FINISH your story. 

This is the course I wanted (so very badly) several years ago when I struggled to finish my first book. In the earlier stages of my writing, I started and stopped several books and just got lost in the book writing process.

The number one goal of Write Publish Share is to give you the information needed to finish your book and share you story with the world. 

There Really are No Strings Attached (Seriously!) 

Make no mistake, this is not a get-rich quick scheme in any way. While I want you to have great success with your book, how well your book sells is up to you, the content and the marketplace. I cannot be held responsible for the number of copies you sell or that you will achieve a certain number of downloads from taking this course. 

I FIRMLY stand behind this course and know the content provided will give you valuable insight and save you countless hours of frustration. If you don’t find the course super-helpful, please contact me and let’s chat about it. 


 If you have any questions or if I can help in any way, please contact me by email. I really want to make this course the best I possibly can and also help others share as many stories as possible.